Cristy Nix


The Uniqueness Factor Quiz + 3-part Video Series - In just nine questions, you’ll get 1 step closer to knowing what makes you unique AND I’ll send you my Uniqueness Factor 3-part video series that will show you how to use your gifts to authentically grow your business in a more authentic and sustainable way

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As internationally-known Intuitive and serial entrepreneur, I specialize in aligning your business with who you are and what you are here to do by guiding you where you want to be.

After 17 years of business, I’m known for my direct, to-the-point coaching style and intuitive ability which offers an uncanny advantage for solo entrepreneurs to get the successful business results fast.

Ready to know yourself better to create a more sustainable and fun business?  Then let's chat.  Know yourself.  Grow and Align your Business.  LOVE you life.

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