Dana Canneto


Body Soul Revival Movement Meditation - A Guided Journey through Movement as a  way to Awaken, Reconnect and Commune with the Sacredness of your Body where you will Free Yourself from Stuck Energies, Tap into the Beauty and Grace of your Divine Being, Reclaim your Power and Revive your Innate Spirit.   This is a Journey back to you and your Divine Wholeness

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Dana Canneto founded Body Divinity™ and Revival Dance™ where she serves as a Transformational Guide and Embodiment Coach for sensitive empathic women.

She guides her clients in re-connecting to the sacredness of their bodies leaving them feeling empowered and embodied in their divine nature.

Through several modalities, she is deeply committed to creating space for women to come home to themselves in body, mind and spirit, creating more freedom, joy and purpose in their lives.

​Through her vast trainings along with her own personal healing journey, she’s able to powerfully share her transformational gifts with women all over the world.

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