Hello Speakers!

Thank you all for joining me in sharing this transformative event with your community.

Together, we are making a huge difference!

Lots of love,

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CHECK OUT MY INTERVIEW – I know you’re going to LOVE this.

Dear (First name)

As a collective, consciousness women from all over the world are sensing and feeling the need to claim their Inner Power and create their potential. To unlock their gifts and Divine Wisdom and bring their joy and happiness into the world.

At the Vancouver Peace Conference in 2009 the Dalai Lama said “ the world will be saved by the Western Woman.” Travelling through life from that heart centred, creative connection is very powerful and perhaps this is part of what the Dalai Lama was referring to. After all, most women are the mentors, the guiding lights for future generations.

Stepping into your Inner Power and truly listening to your Intuition,
gives you the potential to:

  • Experience true freedom
  • Really connect to the truest you
  • Become more confident and positive about your future
  • Unlock your gifts and creativity
  • Shine your light and your gifts out into the world
  • Expand on your financial abundance in a way that feels right for you – that IS you
  • Doing life as you are meant to, being your authentic self.
  • To be truly happy
  • Enjoy loving, happy, positive relationships
  • Strengthen your Spirituality.
  • Connect to your dreams and create them
  • To taste and savour your potential as it evolves
  • To be the best YOU that you LOVE being.


    My colleague Cheri Baumann has hand selected over 20 very gifted and successful women who are living their truth, really listening to their Intuition and shining their light out to others.

They will share how they inspire, guide and teach other women to develop their Intuition and step into their Inner Power.

This FREE Online Interview Series is called :

Radiant Intuitive Woman: How to discover your Inner Power, connect to your Divine Wisdom and Be Happy.

I am excited because a special invitation was given to me to speak as an expert at this event and it is my honour to partner with you and thousands of other women whose lives can change from this information, sharing of wisdom and also from some of the great FREE tools available with this FREE Online Series.

I hope that you’ll take advantage of this amazing FREE Series.

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