Tamra  Oviatt


Receive A Free eBook & Three Free Activations - Tamra is happy to offer you three free activations and a free sample of her ‘Heal Yourself, Heal the World’ eBook. Sacred Activations are meditations which release your blockages, anger, and resentments, balance your 13 chakras, and activate your 12 to 18 strands of DNA!

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Tamra Works for God to Help Spread His Light.

Tamra is a renowned leader in esoteric healing, teaching others to cut through the subconsciousness of humanity and observe how it impacts the world and the lives of each person at any given time.

Tamra coaches individuals and groups in energy healing practices, including her modality: Sacred Activations. Sacred Activations was provided by God to help humankind transform the world through the achievement of personal peace, and happiness, releasing buried trauma and helps the world to leave behind strife, judgement and deception to create global harmony and unity.

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